Graphic Designer &
Children’s Fantasy Writer

Hi, I’m Andrea Rogoff, a native San Diegan, who strings words together and creates visuals, not necessarily in that order. I got my start on the other side of the country while working at the Postal Service. (That’s right, I left California, to deliver mail… not really.)

It’s a long-ish story but just wait for it…

I didn’t carry the mail or design stamps, but I learned from the best! I honed my design skills working as a graphic designer in the branding department of the U.S. Postal Service headquartered in Washington, D.C.

While living on the East Coast, I launched my first business, a restaurant, Aroma Latin American Cuisine, in Olney, Maryland.

It was a good learning experience. What I mean to say is, it failed. Awe shucks. But, it wasn’t the end.

An opportunity came my way…

I moved home to San Diego to launch Like New, a brick and mortar consignment shop. After a few years of operating a traditional retail shop, I transitioned Like New into an e-commerce business.

With more flexibility, I circled back to my craft. Writing and designing, that’s what I do. I love creating for small businesses, especially ones that are on the verge of launching or pivoting. It’s my sweet spot. Having been through the process myself, I provide not just a hand, but a vision.

On this site, I showcase my past projects and most recent work with San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Rescue Mission, St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, and Saved in America.

In 15 years, I have designed for non-profits and the federal government and built a few businesses from the ground up.


I am freelancing and working on my third venture, a children’s fantasy novel. While it is my most challenging project yet, no dream is too fantastic to make a reality. The sky’s the limit!